Saturday, September 19, 2015

Learn the truth about SEO industry in the next 60 seconds

SEO or Search engine Optimization has undoubtedly become the most vital aspect for the online world. Organizations have realized that SEO is what can raise the online presence by listing the website at the top in the directory of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

SEO for some is like a whipping mascot and for some it is a series of preset rules. There are certain truths of SEO and they are:

1. The fact is there is no secret: SEO is not complicated. It is well defined scientific process and has a depth of knowledge that aids in weaving fine tune strategies. However one has to not trust any person blindly who claims to have inside track with SEO instead one should focus on the amplifying what one feels like a natural extension of the business.

2. Do the basics: It is required on part of the Google to chalk out the ballpark of where the organization is relevant. Good site structure, Meta tags and keywords matter a lot although they are just the start.

3. Quality has become the major aspect: Everything is moving to quality. Search engine are striving to render most relevant information. It used to be easier to game the system with umpteen numbers of links and specific anchor texts. Now the things have changed as the aspects and attributes of relevancy move around the far more diverse set of information like social endorsement, repeat traffic, frequent mentions and helpful content.

4. Links still matters but with qualifications: Because of Page Rank, Google rose to prominence as the entire aspect was based on how academics use citations to determine relevancy. Google, the major search engine equated links to citations and revolutionized the search industry. Links have not vanished but have evolved over the period of time. Google instead of blindly looking at the link and anchor texts has begun analyzing many factors that includes traffic derived from the link and surrounding texts. Organizations recommend concentrating on helpful, relevant content for links of a specific “link building” campaign.

5. Think about social signals: Social signalling is the biggest change in today’s arena. Search engines are trying to grab the actual authority and a strong social following is the positive and strong indicator. Google+ is the best signal which believes that while social builds slowly and without any strong ROI, the socially rich will continue to grow and become richer.

6. Video is tough to game: Search engines are concentrating on areas that are tougher to game. Video is expensive to produce and that is the reason it is not used frequently in questionable tactics.

7. Product integration vital: This aspect is providing loads of data and Google has always been acquisitive and has being constantly throwing off data that is being used to validate relevancy.

SEO is the truth and any organization that has to survive in the online world has to adopt it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Importance of On-Page SEO Optimization and its Effects

Before you start proceeding with on-page SEO, it is significant to understand five major components of these website optimization techniques. Page title, keywords, content, title tags and Meta tags are main elements of on-page SEO. There are several related elements, which you need to consider in order ensuring establishment of successful website optimization. 

On-page SEO optimization is the technique of optimizing the pages of website itself using different techniques. It includes embedding the keywords in the website content, interlinking of pages and inserting website map.

Usage of Meta tags, H1 tags and other on page optimization strategies should be effective to make sure that you develop a powerful web page to be listed on search engine. Paying complete attention towards development of relevant, quality based and original content is the prime thing, which should be focused by the solution providers. Use of same content should be avoided on different pages of same website.

Keyword stuffing needs to be avoided so that there is no spamming. The websites, which too much of keyword stuffing might get neglected by the search engine crawler. Apart from this, it is also recommended that from time to time, modifications should be done in the website. Redesigning, rewriting the content and updating the keywords will help to transform the website more adequate according to requirements.
Importance of on-page SEO: 

  • It makes very simple and easy for the internet users and visitors of your website to access through different pages of website.
  • On page SEO makes website friendlier to the search engine standards and crawlers find it adequate and appropriate.
  • The website optimized for SEO purpose looks more organized and user friendly for the visitors.
  • Traffic management is simpler when the website is well optimized.

Effects of on-page SEO:

  • It increases speed of the website, which eventually makes it easier and effective for the users to access.
  • It creates positive impact of the visitors as they need to spend less time in page loading.
  • Users can find their desired content easily without spending too much time as the optimized websites are organized.

Using the right techniques of website optimization helps the companies to present themselves in best manner on the World Wide Web. It also helps them to engage the visitors and transform them into sales leads, which further become the revenue for the company.

New developments are taking place in the field of website optimization. Creative solutions are being lifted up to make the websites appear more interactive, speedier and easy to access for the end users. This is helping the companies to create a brilliant impression on their targeted internet users. Off page SEO is emerging as the supporting element in this entire picture. Without advanced techniques of backlink generation and directory submission etc. it is not possible to achieve targeted results. Healthy benefits can be seen if balanced approach is used to make a website appear on the top of the SERPs. Using social media and other online marketing techniques along with this empowers a business in the field of online promotions.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why SERP of Website Dead After Google Update?

The search engine marketers need to follow the specific algorithms introduced by search engines. Since most of the SEO activities are done to list the websites on Google as this is the most preferred platform by users looking to search something on the internet. Therefore, it becomes obvious for the SEO strategists to follow the algorithm provided by Google.

google penguin
Google Penguin
Looking at the increased aggressive practices of SEO techniques, Google has turned strict towards its content policies. One after one, new update is being launched by the leading search engine to regulate the practices of website optimization being practiced across the world. Since competition level in the marketplace is higher and hence the practices of cutting down the competition level are also increasing with brilliant pace.

To reduce the impact of negative practices, which are inclined towards spamming and are not adequate as per web marketing policies. However, it is very difficult to put a harness of Internet based marketing practices. Since this field is vast and has myriad areas, but Google, with its updates has managed to monitor and control the entire process.

Google Panda Update
Google Panda
Within last few years, as the count of SEO practices has grown, the search engine has become very frequent towards launching updates. These updates come up with instructions and norms that how content should be written and how the keyword stuffing should be monitored. The websites, which use spamming techniques to promote the business often, are penalized by Google under the conditions mentioned in the updates.

Google updates vs SERP:

The websites, which are managed by experienced SEO professionals, who understand about the web optimization strategies and follow Google analytics, are likely to get listed high on the SERPs.

Understanding the Google algorithm and latest updates taking place to it both are very significant. Without this, attaining a sustainable position in the search engine results is not possible. It requires reading through the instructions mentioned in the updates and understanding the concept of Google penguin and Panda.

The challenge is to know what the search engine is looking for and then applying the solutions, which solve the interest of internet users too. Placement of keywords, content development and directory submission, everything needs to be done effectively. 

Google Hummingbird Update
Google Hummingbird
Future of SEO:

Owner of Webrex Technologies  Mr. Tarun Kwatra Say's that Search engines are set to be a most preferred platform for novice and trained internet users to find anything through the web. Therefore, search engine optimization has a bright future. However, the techniques and strategies will keep changing with time.

Every company understands the value of SEO in search engine optimization. Smart techniques help the companies to get a grip on the market and stand tall amongst the exhausting and difficult pace of competition.

Optimizing websites as per the latest updates from Google is a key solution to keep your website ranked on the top. Those strategists, who fail to do this often don’t get to achieve the targets of having a highly ranked website, where footfall is high. Using the right techniques is a key to get premium ranking on the web.  

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

How Website Page speed Effect Search Engine Optimization?

Website page speed
Imaging if you are a regular internet user and you click on a particular website to search some suitable information then you would not like to waste your time in unnecessary waiting. If the website is slow and it takes more time to open every page and to navigate from one page to another, then would you like to stay on that website? Of course not and you would also not prefer to come back on that website. 

An excellently optimized website has following features associated with it:
  • Original content and its adequate placement using right keywords
  • Quick navigation
  • Enhanced website speed
  • User friendly website
  • Interactive and appealing design
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Meta tags
Website page speed Effect Search engine optimizationThese elements make a website brilliant as per search engine algorithms and open ways of business development for companies. Hence, the website design and development have become really important factor in the process of internet marketing. Growing business against challenging competition is possible only if the companies put excellent efforts to make their websites interactive and fast. 

This explains that no matter how much efforts you have done on off page SEO, it is significant that you pay attention towards excellent on page SEO techniques. On page website optimization not only means preparing your website according tosearch engine specifications but also ensuring that it is developed smartly to offer excellent speed.

If the website is designed by using latest programming language then it surely has compatibility with different browsers and it offers excellent speed in each of the browsers. This helps the visitors to enjoy ease of access to each of the web-pages. Quick navigation helps them to enjoy accessing through required information without wasting time. These all factors make a website worth visiting and repeated visits of targeted customers increases the chances of sales lead generation for the company. 

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Visual Advertisement; Its Attraction and Your Business

Visuals speak volumes. This acronym is true in the sense that pictures, visuals and graphics lure the attention of the onlookers instantly. Visual advertisement is a form of advertisement that showcases idea through visual aid.

This type of advertising are of various types viz. drawing, graphics designs, colors, signs, illustrations, symbols, typography and much more. An impressive and enticing visual communication is the one that is able to convey the message to the target audience easily.
The sole purpose of visual advertising is to promote the product or service in the best possible manner to the audience. For consumers image has emotional attachment as they can relate to it more conveniently.

Incorporating visual advertisements drives mammoth traffic to the site thus enhancing the business. Not only existing customers are attracted by visuals but also lure many potential new users. A blog containing interesting statistics and information of the business done in artistic manner can entice regular followers who will share the company’s blog and information driving more traffic to the site.

Info graphics and data can elevate consumer knowledge who will gain more information about your brand. Presenting the data in the form of info graphics or char that is attractive and eye catchy will attract more readers and audience who will share it with their friends and followers.

Visual data as part of marketing strategy will attract more customers on one hand and on the other it keeps the existing customer loyal to your brand and the company. We live in the era of camera where images speak more than words. Including visual advertisement in articles, site content and blogs will have following advantages:
(1) Articles and blogs with visuals will get 94% more views

(2) A press release with photo and video has enhanced 45% views as compared the one with plain content and no visuals
(3) As per the study 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or approach the organization when an image shows up in the local search engine results.

(4) In E-commerce site visuals play vital role in elevating the business of the company. A product that has clear and quality image attracts more numbers of customers who take immediate positive action of buying the product. More that 80% customers say that quality of product image is vital in selecting and buying a product from the e-commerce site.

(5) From online customers point of view quality of image plays vital role in selection of the product as compared with product information, descriptions and ratings.

Visual elements that are finely presented and artistically represented will not only relate positively to the audience but also will have affect on their emotions which that will motivate them to take positive actions.

Visual advertisements are attractive and appealing on one hand and on the other they have positive impact on the business of the enterprise in terms of  increased audience, enhanced sales, increased conversion and turnover rates thus growth in business.

Friday, November 28, 2014

How to Recover Your Website and Blog After Heating Penguin 3?

Google Penguin is code name given for Google algorithm that is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that do not adhere to the guidelines chalked out by the Google Webmaster.

Penguin 3, the first Penguin updates targets sites and blogs that are spammy, the ones  those are violating the linking guidelines framed by the Google.
So what happens when Penguin 3.0 is run?

1. The site falls from the current position

2. The site stays in the same position

3. The site rises from its current position

As the falling of the site may be because the link falls in the danger zone and Penguin has penalized. Another reason could also be the competitors have sanitized their links and has leaped ahead.

Penguin will target black hat links, negative links, spam links and other sort of bad links. It is algorithm that identifies what Google considers web spam. It acts as forfeit on any site or blog taking part in spammy and unnatural SEO Tactics. The result is that it minimises visibility of the site which will affect the business drastically. 

Recovering your website from penguin 3 has some predetermined steps.

Trace for the unnatural, spammy back links that are pointing to the site: It the site or blog was hit by Penguin, then it is will result in umpteen numbers of bad inbound links, the ones pointing to the site. Bad links may include article directory links, paid links, low quality irrelevant web directories, irrelevant web directories etc. Onsite spam like keyword stuffing, link cloaking, hidden text can also result in penalty etc. Evaluating the site for aforesaid potential issues will be the first step.

Remove unnatural, spammy back links: After compilation of spammy links try manually to discard them. This can be done by collecting contact information on domains and get the link removed. For links that can be manually removed is great but for those links that cannot be removed can disavow them in Google’s WMT thus informing Google to disassociate the links with your site.

Wait and Chalk out strategies: After removing and disavowing all the links that affect the site one must have patience and wait till Google refreshes the Penguin algorithm. If your steps where correct then there will be improvements in both organic traffic and Search Engine Rankings instantly.

It would be apt to chalk out new strategy about few affirmative actions that are required to be taken on the site. Ponder on enhancing and developing quality content; build relative links, Develop brand through social signals, architect relationships through relationship outreach.

Penguin 3.0 recovery is the lengthy process but it is vital to grow and success in online business.