Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Why SERP of Website Dead After Google Update?

The search engine marketers need to follow the specific algorithms introduced by search engines. Since most of the SEO activities are done to list the websites on Google as this is the most preferred platform by users looking to search something on the internet. Therefore, it becomes obvious for the SEO strategists to follow the algorithm provided by Google.

google penguin
Google Penguin
Looking at the increased aggressive practices of SEO techniques, Google has turned strict towards its content policies. One after one, new update is being launched by the leading search engine to regulate the practices of website optimization being practiced across the world. Since competition level in the marketplace is higher and hence the practices of cutting down the competition level are also increasing with brilliant pace.

To reduce the impact of negative practices, which are inclined towards spamming and are not adequate as per web marketing policies. However, it is very difficult to put a harness of Internet based marketing practices. Since this field is vast and has myriad areas, but Google, with its updates has managed to monitor and control the entire process.

Google Panda Update
Google Panda
Within last few years, as the count of SEO practices has grown, the search engine has become very frequent towards launching updates. These updates come up with instructions and norms that how content should be written and how the keyword stuffing should be monitored. The websites, which use spamming techniques to promote the business often, are penalized by Google under the conditions mentioned in the updates.

Google updates vs SERP:

The websites, which are managed by experienced SEO professionals, who understand about the web optimization strategies and follow Google analytics, are likely to get listed high on the SERPs.

Understanding the Google algorithm and latest updates taking place to it both are very significant. Without this, attaining a sustainable position in the search engine results is not possible. It requires reading through the instructions mentioned in the updates and understanding the concept of Google penguin and Panda.

The challenge is to know what the search engine is looking for and then applying the solutions, which solve the interest of internet users too. Placement of keywords, content development and directory submission, everything needs to be done effectively. 

Google Hummingbird Update
Google Hummingbird
Future of SEO:

Owner of Webrex Technologies  Mr. Tarun Kwatra Say's that Search engines are set to be a most preferred platform for novice and trained internet users to find anything through the web. Therefore, search engine optimization has a bright future. However, the techniques and strategies will keep changing with time.

Every company understands the value of SEO in search engine optimization. Smart techniques help the companies to get a grip on the market and stand tall amongst the exhausting and difficult pace of competition.

Optimizing websites as per the latest updates from Google is a key solution to keep your website ranked on the top. Those strategists, who fail to do this often don’t get to achieve the targets of having a highly ranked website, where footfall is high. Using the right techniques is a key to get premium ranking on the web.  

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

How Website Page speed Effect Search Engine Optimization?

Website page speed
Imaging if you are a regular internet user and you click on a particular website to search some suitable information then you would not like to waste your time in unnecessary waiting. If the website is slow and it takes more time to open every page and to navigate from one page to another, then would you like to stay on that website? Of course not and you would also not prefer to come back on that website. 

An excellently optimized website has following features associated with it:
  • Original content and its adequate placement using right keywords
  • Quick navigation
  • Enhanced website speed
  • User friendly website
  • Interactive and appealing design
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Meta tags
Website page speed Effect Search engine optimizationThese elements make a website brilliant as per search engine algorithms and open ways of business development for companies. Hence, the website design and development have become really important factor in the process of internet marketing. Growing business against challenging competition is possible only if the companies put excellent efforts to make their websites interactive and fast. 

This explains that no matter how much efforts you have done on off page SEO, it is significant that you pay attention towards excellent on page SEO techniques. On page website optimization not only means preparing your website according tosearch engine specifications but also ensuring that it is developed smartly to offer excellent speed.

If the website is designed by using latest programming language then it surely has compatibility with different browsers and it offers excellent speed in each of the browsers. This helps the visitors to enjoy ease of access to each of the web-pages. Quick navigation helps them to enjoy accessing through required information without wasting time. These all factors make a website worth visiting and repeated visits of targeted customers increases the chances of sales lead generation for the company. 

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