Monday, December 22, 2014

Visual Advertisement; Its Attraction and Your Business

Visuals speak volumes. This acronym is true in the sense that pictures, visuals and graphics lure the attention of the onlookers instantly. Visual advertisement is a form of advertisement that showcases idea through visual aid.

This type of advertising are of various types viz. drawing, graphics designs, colors, signs, illustrations, symbols, typography and much more. An impressive and enticing visual communication is the one that is able to convey the message to the target audience easily.
The sole purpose of visual advertising is to promote the product or service in the best possible manner to the audience. For consumers image has emotional attachment as they can relate to it more conveniently.

Incorporating visual advertisements drives mammoth traffic to the site thus enhancing the business. Not only existing customers are attracted by visuals but also lure many potential new users. A blog containing interesting statistics and information of the business done in artistic manner can entice regular followers who will share the company’s blog and information driving more traffic to the site.

Info graphics and data can elevate consumer knowledge who will gain more information about your brand. Presenting the data in the form of info graphics or char that is attractive and eye catchy will attract more readers and audience who will share it with their friends and followers.

Visual data as part of marketing strategy will attract more customers on one hand and on the other it keeps the existing customer loyal to your brand and the company. We live in the era of camera where images speak more than words. Including visual advertisement in articles, site content and blogs will have following advantages:
(1) Articles and blogs with visuals will get 94% more views

(2) A press release with photo and video has enhanced 45% views as compared the one with plain content and no visuals
(3) As per the study 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or approach the organization when an image shows up in the local search engine results.

(4) In E-commerce site visuals play vital role in elevating the business of the company. A product that has clear and quality image attracts more numbers of customers who take immediate positive action of buying the product. More that 80% customers say that quality of product image is vital in selecting and buying a product from the e-commerce site.

(5) From online customers point of view quality of image plays vital role in selection of the product as compared with product information, descriptions and ratings.

Visual elements that are finely presented and artistically represented will not only relate positively to the audience but also will have affect on their emotions which that will motivate them to take positive actions.

Visual advertisements are attractive and appealing on one hand and on the other they have positive impact on the business of the enterprise in terms of  increased audience, enhanced sales, increased conversion and turnover rates thus growth in business.