Saturday, September 19, 2015

Learn the truth about SEO industry in the next 60 seconds

SEO or Search engine Optimization has undoubtedly become the most vital aspect for the online world. Organizations have realized that SEO is what can raise the online presence by listing the website at the top in the directory of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

SEO for some is like a whipping mascot and for some it is a series of preset rules. There are certain truths of SEO and they are:

1. The fact is there is no secret: SEO is not complicated. It is well defined scientific process and has a depth of knowledge that aids in weaving fine tune strategies. However one has to not trust any person blindly who claims to have inside track with SEO instead one should focus on the amplifying what one feels like a natural extension of the business.

2. Do the basics: It is required on part of the Google to chalk out the ballpark of where the organization is relevant. Good site structure, Meta tags and keywords matter a lot although they are just the start.

3. Quality has become the major aspect: Everything is moving to quality. Search engine are striving to render most relevant information. It used to be easier to game the system with umpteen numbers of links and specific anchor texts. Now the things have changed as the aspects and attributes of relevancy move around the far more diverse set of information like social endorsement, repeat traffic, frequent mentions and helpful content.

4. Links still matters but with qualifications: Because of Page Rank, Google rose to prominence as the entire aspect was based on how academics use citations to determine relevancy. Google, the major search engine equated links to citations and revolutionized the search industry. Links have not vanished but have evolved over the period of time. Google instead of blindly looking at the link and anchor texts has begun analyzing many factors that includes traffic derived from the link and surrounding texts. Organizations recommend concentrating on helpful, relevant content for links of a specific “link building” campaign.

5. Think about social signals: Social signalling is the biggest change in today’s arena. Search engines are trying to grab the actual authority and a strong social following is the positive and strong indicator. Google+ is the best signal which believes that while social builds slowly and without any strong ROI, the socially rich will continue to grow and become richer.

6. Video is tough to game: Search engines are concentrating on areas that are tougher to game. Video is expensive to produce and that is the reason it is not used frequently in questionable tactics.

7. Product integration vital: This aspect is providing loads of data and Google has always been acquisitive and has being constantly throwing off data that is being used to validate relevancy.

SEO is the truth and any organization that has to survive in the online world has to adopt it.

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